New Hall, Cambridge University


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Education Rosalind Coward
RC received a BA degree in English from New Hall, Cambridge (which, founded as the third women's college of the University in 1954, received its charter in 1972).
Coward, Rosalind. Our Treacherous Hearts. Faber and Faber.
Coward, Rosalind. Email about Rosalind Coward to Kevin Spencer.


1954: New Hall, the third women's college of Cambridge...

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New Hall , the third women's college of Cambridge University, was founded.

1975-7: Dame Rosemary Murray, first president of...

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Dame Rosemary Murray , first president of the women's college New Hall, Cambridge , served as university Vice-Chancellor. She was the first woman to hold this post at either Cambridge or Oxford.

2008: New Hall, Cambridge (which was founded in...

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New Hall, Cambridge (which was founded in 1954 as the university's third women's college) changed its name to Murray Edwards College , while remaining an all‐female institution.
“About. History”. Murray Edwards College, formerly New Hall.


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