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Publishing Margiad Evans
Its early extant draft shows how much this novel changed in the course of revision towards its final form. Its autobiographical origins are reflected in the fact that ME sometimes by accident wrote Peggy for...
Publishing Margiad Evans
To finish writing it, she moved temporarily out of the family home to stay alone at a country pub some three miles away.
Lloyd-Morgan, Ceridwen. Margiad Evans. Seren.
She dedicated it to her father (explaining that he does not...
Publishing Margiad Evans
She wrote this book, at least the later parts of it, while she was actually going through the bodily experiences—epilepsy, pregnancy—that it describes.
Evans, Margiad. A Ray of Darkness. Arthur Barker.
129, 133
The dedication reads: This manuscript is hopefully and precociously dedicated...
Reception Laura Riding
Again most of the reviews turned out to be excellent. Reviewers recognized the farcical quality intended, and though the Daily Telegraph considered the book silly and nasty, others used words like briskness and economy,adroit...
Textual Production Laura Riding
Barker's publishing firm was new, and its owner, who visited them in Mallorca, responded eagerly to Riding's charisma and her plans. He published several of her works over the next couple of years, but in...
Textual Production Laura Riding
This was the first book LR published with the new firm of Arthur Barker in London. She took some trouble to disguise identities, since Barker was worried about potential libel actions. The Book Society backed...


July 1932: Arthur Barker founded his own publishing...

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July 1932

Arthur Barker founded his own publishing firm, Arthur Barker Limited , at 21 Garrick Street, London.


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