Ulster Unionist Party


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Literary responses Augusta Gregory
AG later recalled that some Irish Nationalists were offended at her favourable representation of the police before the play was presented, yet after the production a Unionist paper criticized it for presenting the police as...


June 1886-September 1886: During these months, Belfast was subjected...

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June 1886-September 1886

During these months, Belfast was subjected to several bloody disturbances by Ulster Unionists .

January 1910: A general election was fought in Britain...

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January 1910

A general election was fought in Britain on the issue of Lloyd George 's people's budget of the previous year: the combined Conservative and [Ulster] Unionist Parties came in only two votes behind the Liberals

22 June 1921: George V opened the Northern Ireland parliament...

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22 June 1921

George V opened the Northern Ireland parliament with a conciliatory speech as the British government initiated negotiations on the relations between Ireland proper and Ulster (the Six Counties in the North).

29 November 1999: The first multi-party, multi-denominational,...

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29 November 1999

The first multi-party, multi-denominational, or power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland (sometimes known as the Stormont government) was appointed in place of direct rule by Britain.


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