Theatre Royal, Bath


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Leisure and Society Ann Radcliffe
Sarah Siddons played in Hamlet at the Theatre Royal in Bath; in the audience, probably, was the teenage Ann Ward (later AR ).
She is said to have been dazzled by her early sight...
Occupation Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Her life as an actress took her, with her mother along as chaperone, out of London by the spring of 1853 to such places as Aberdeen, Bath (where she worked at the Theatre Royal
Occupation Anna Eliza Bray
Anna Eliza Kempe (later AEB ) was advertised as making her acting debut in the role of Belvidera (in Thomas Otway 's Venice Preserv'd) at the BathTheatre .
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder.
Bray, Anna Eliza. Autobiography of Anna Eliza Bray. Editor Kempe, John A., Chapman and Hall.
Performance of text Hannah More
HM 's first tragedy, The Inflexible Captive (published a year previously), opened on stage at the Theatre Royal , Bath.
Demers, Patricia. The World of Hannah More. University Press of Kentucky.
Performance of text Timberlake Wertenbaker
TW 's play Galileo's Daughter (based on a novel by Dava Sobel ), opened at the Theatre Royal , Bath, performed by the Peter Hall Company .
British Council Film and Literature Department, in association with Book Trust. Contemporary Writers in the UK.
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“Woman’s Hour”. BBC Radio 4.
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1768: By act of parliament, the spa resort of Bath...

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By act of parliament, the spa resort of Bath (which had supported a theatre since 1705) received a patent for the first Theatre Royal outside London.


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