Poor Clares


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Literary Setting Charlotte Dacre
This dedication was a manifesto of allegiance not to feminine terror but to the full-blown masculine horror Gothic.
The setting implies the convent of the Poor Clares of St Omer, where religious leader Mary Ward
Occupation Mary Ward
Her intention was to join the Poor Clares at St Omer as a lay sister, a position which would mean begging in the streets and countryside for the Order, often sleeping away from the convent...
Occupation Mary Ward
At this date only Brussels had a foundation expressly for Englishwomen. Having sought advice and received approval from Jesuits, MW set out in pursuit of patrons. She was determined that her convent should not fall...
politics Mary Ward
MW wanted her women to be a community, but not to be enclosed. They were to be teachers and charitable workers; her love of the poor and self-identification with them was to be recorded on...
Residence Mary Ward
MW spent these years at St Omer and at Gravelines in France, initially as one of the Order of Poor Clares .
Chambers, Mary Catharine Elizabeth. The Life of Mary Ward (1585-1645). Editor Coleridge, Henry James, Burns and Oates.
1: 112-13, 188


1697: Legislation removed the status of several...

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Legislation removed the status of several London districts (dating from the middle ages) as sanctuaries for debtors; only the Mint retained this status, until 1723.

April 1972: Daffodils in Ice, first of three volumes...

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April 1972

Daffodils in Ice, first of three volumes of poetry by Sister Mary Agnes , was published with a foreword by novelist Elizabeth Goudge .


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