South African Communist Party


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Family and Intimate relationships Gillian Slovo
GS 's father, Joe Slovo , was leader of the South African Communist Party , white South Africa's bogeyman.
Slovo, Gillian. Every Secret Thing: My Family, My Country. Little, Brown.
Born Jewish and Lithuanian, he had arrived at ten in South Africa (where his father...
Literary Setting Doris Lessing
This book deals (often satirically) with Martha's experience as a member of a rather amateurish Communist Party group in Africa during the Second World War. The wave of local political consciousness is brief, brought about...
Material Conditions of Writing Nadine Gordimer
NG 's first novel, The Lying Days, A Novel, appeared three years after the Communist Party of South Africa was banned, and early in the government policy of apartheid or separation of the races...
politics Gillian Slovo
GS 's parents were both charged after the arrest of 156 men and women of various races on 5 December 1956 led to historic treason trials which lasted for four years. One group was released...
Travel Gillian Slovo
GS and her husband visited her outlaw father in Mozambique in 1983, and she returned to that counry again in 1996. In 1990 she visited South Africa to promote her novel Ties of Blood at...


After 14 May 1948: South Africa's newly elected Nationalist...

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After 14 May 1948

South Africa's newly elected Nationalist Party under Dr Malan formed the government and officially established the policy of apartheid.

20 June 1950: Despite the opposition of the United Party,...

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20 June 1950

Despite the opposition of the United Party , the Communist Party of South Africa was banned and dissolved by the Unlawful Organizations Bill; it reformed later as the South African Communist Party .


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