Pan-African Congress


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politics Bessie Head
BH found that Cape Coloured people were far more politically aware than those in Durban, conscious of and increasingly resistant to being subject as a group to discriminatory laws. They also had an internal class...
Travel Maya Angelou
Her next travel, in very different style, was to London with Vusumzi Make when he attended a Pan-African Congress meeting there.
Angelou, Maya. The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou. Random House.


15-21 October 1945: The fifth Pan-African Congress, held in Manchester,...

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15-21 October 1945

The fifth Pan-African Congress , held in Manchester, UK, marked the beginning of the end of colonial rule in Africa and the Caribbean.

21 March 1960: Sixty-seven black demonstrators were killed...

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21 March 1960

Sixty-seven black demonstrators were killed when South African police fired into an unarmed Pan-African demonstration against pass laws in the Transvaal; this event became known as the Sharpeville Massacre.


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