Morality Play Society


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Occupation Edith Lyttelton
EL and Mabel Pritchard Dearmer established the Morality Play Societyto produce original Moralities, Mysteries, and Miracle plays, and other plays of an ideal nature.
Nicoll, Allardyce. English Drama, 1900-1930. Cambridge University Press.
Author summary Edith Lyttelton
Edith Lyttelton's prominent position in society helped to draw attention to her first and best-known play, Warp and Woof, 1904, which took up the issue of sweated labour. Her dramatic oeuvre includes several morality...
Textual Production Edith Lyttelton
As one of the founders of the Morality Play Society , EL had a particular interest in this genre.
Textual Production Edith Lyttelton
EL also wrote two one-act morality plays: her Christmas Morality Play was published by E. Mathews in 1908, and Dame Julian 's Window was produced by the Morality Play Society at London's Little Theatre on...


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