Criterion Theatre


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Occupation Clemence Dane
She got her first chance in Eliza Comes to Stay (by H. V. Esmond ) at the Criterion when the actress due to play the other woman had to drop out because of illness, and...
Performance of text Sir J. M. Barrie
James Barrie 's first full-length adult play, Richard Savage (on which he collaborated with H. B. Marriott Watson ), was performed for a charity matinee at the Criterion Theatre in London.
Cox, Michael, editor. The Oxford Chronology of English Literature. Oxford University Press.
Parker, Peter, editor. A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers. Oxford University Press.
Performance of text Edith Lyttelton
The Macleans of Bairness, a history play by EL about Bonnie Prince Charlie , was produced by Mrs Patrick Campbell at the Criterion Theatre .
Nicoll, Allardyce. English Drama, 1900-1930. Cambridge University Press.
Kaplan, Joel H., and Sheila Stowell. Theatre and Fashion: Oscar Wilde to the Suffragettes. Cambridge University Press.
Performance of text Iris Murdoch
The play was running at the Criterion Theatre in London by 24 June 1964, when The Times reviewed it.
Fletcher, John, and Cheryl Bove. Iris Murdoch: A Descriptive Primary and Annotated Secondary Bibliography. Garland Publishing.
Performance of text Lesley Storm
LS 's next play, also never published, appeared later in the same year: The Wise-Woman was running at the Criterion Theatre by 8 November 1934.
Textual Features Elizabeth Robins
One, The Women Writers, delivered at the Criterion Theatre in 1910, expressed the hope that her audience's children's children would be lifted up, proud and hopeful, to know their foremothers were leaders, discoverers, militants...
Textual Production Lesley Storm
LS enjoyed her first theatrical success when her three-act comedy Tony Draws a Horse opened at the Comedy Theatre in London. It ran for 364 performances, lasting through the first few months of the...


1873: An entire block in Regent Circus, Piccadilly...

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An entire block in Regent Circus, Piccadilly (now Piccadilly Circus), was purchased for £100,000 and used to build the underground Criterion Theatre .

21 March 1874: The Criterion Theatre opened in London....

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21 March 1874

The Criterion Theatre opened in London.


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