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politics Helen Maria Williams
HMW was already politically aware before she first travelled to Paris in 1790. She was a supporter of the London Revolution Society (founded to remember the importance of the Glorious Revolution in England, but ready...
Textual Features Helen Maria Williams
This is either the beginning or (as her numbering of later volumes suggests) a prelude to HMW 's Letters from France: an extended series of reports on and analyses of the Revolution, its development...


14 July 1790: Richard Price, speaking at a Bastille Day...

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14 July 1790

Richard Price , speaking at a Bastille Day tavern dinner, praised the French revolutionary authorities for intending to renounce war as an instrument of policy, and looked forward to a United States of the World.

4 November 1790: Members of the London Revolution Society...

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4 November 1790

Members of the London Revolution Society and of the local Jacobin Society attended a joint festival at Nantes in Brittany, commemorating English and French revolutionary dates (1688 and 1788).


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