Everyman Theatre, Hampstead


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Employer Dodie Smith
DS secured a few unremarkable acting jobs, many of them on tour, and one of them at the recently launched Everyman Theatre in Hampstead. She was especially pleased to be invited on tour with...
Family and Intimate relationships Dodie Smith
While she was acting at the Everyman Theatre , DS had a brief fling with its founder, Norman MacDermott . In 1927, a few years after she began working at Heal's , she began an...
Occupation Edith Craig
After the Pioneer Players folded, EC became actively involved in the Little Theatre movement which was rapidly growing outside London.
Cockin, Katharine. Edith Craig (1869-1947): Dramatic Lives. Cassell.
Between December 1920 and August 1921 she directed several plays at the Everyman Theatre
Occupation Dora Russell
During this period, DR 's energies were centred significantly but not exclusively on her own family. In 1922 she helped her husband with his parliamentary campaign and began her critical work The Religion of the...
Performance of text Viola Tree
VT 's never-published play The Swallow opened at the Everyman Theatre in Hampstead.
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(7 May 1925): 12


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