Charlotte Riddell

Standard Name: Riddell, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte Elizabeth Lawson Cowan
Pseudonym: Rainey Hawthorne
Pseudonym: R. V. M. Sparling
Pseudonym: F. G. Trafford
Married Name: Charlotte Elizabeth Lawson Riddell
Married Name: Mrs J. H. Riddell
Indexed Name: Charlotte Elizabeth L. Riddell
CR was a prolific professional novelist and story writer during the latter half of the nineteenth century. She published forty novels, plus tales (in journals, annuals, and her own collections), two travel books, and essays in periodicals. She was best-known in her own day for her domestic novels, sensation novels, and local and mystery novels. She has become more prominent in recent times for her highly-regarded ghost stories. She is unusual both in her depictions of the male-only business and financial aspects of London life, and in choosing lyrical country settings from the immediate area of London, both to the north-east and the south-west.
"Historic Buildings of the London Borough of Haringey" green plaque at St Ann's Hospital, Tottenham, London, reading: "Charlotte Riddell 1832-1906 Gothic novelist lived at 'St John's Lodge' that once stood here 1863-1873."
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During this decade, annuals became associated with ghost stories, exemplified in works by Amelia B. Edwards and Charlotte Riddell .