James Harrison

Standard Name: Harrison, James,, 1765 - 1847


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Intertextuality and Influence Anna Letitia Barbauld
She was selecting novels for this project in March 1807, but the work was delayed by the catastrophe of her husband's deterioration and suicide. A thousand copies were printed, and her editorial fee was £300....
Publishing Mary Hays
MH 's poem entitled Invocation to the Nightingale (opening Wand'ring o'er the dewy meadow) appeared as by Miss Heys in the final volume of James Harrison 's collected Lady's Poetical Magazine.
Harrison, James, editor. The Lady’s Poetical Magazine; or, Beauties of British Poetry. James Harrison.
Publishing Charlotte Lennox
A second edition followed on 19 March 1761. It featured the first appearance of Lennox's name on a title-page, and a dedication (supplied by Johnson ; the first edition had none) to the Duchess of Newcastle
Publishing Anna Maria Porter
While still in her teens, AMP published verse in several journals: her Civil Liberty appeared this month in James Harrison 's Pocket Magazine, as by A. P—r.
This information came from bibliographer Edward Pitcher .
Feminist Companion Archive.
Reception Anne Steele
AS 's Verse [or Verses] on a Day of Prayer for Success of War was picked up from this publication for James Harrison 's Lady's Poetical Magazine for December 1782.
Steele, Anne. Miscellaneous Pieces, in Verse and Prose. Evans, CalebEditor , J. Buckland and J. Ward, 1780.
Harrison, James, editor. The Lady’s Poetical Magazine; or, Beauties of British Poetry. James Harrison.
4: 456-7


James Harrison (hitherto chiefly known as a music publisher) began to issue the handsomely-produced Novelists' Magazine, a weekly serial reprinting of canonical novels.
January 1781-December 1782
The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties of British Poetry appeared, published by James Harrison in four half-yearly numbers; it is arguable whether or not it kept the first number's promise of generous selections of work...
Charles Cooke began publishing Select British Novels, modelled on the earlier serial collection by James Harrison .
August 1794-December 1796
The firm of James Harrison published the Pocket Magazine; from February 1795 it was complemented by the Lady's Pocket Magazine.