Susanna Meredith

Standard Name: Meredith, Susanna


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Textual Production Louisa Anne Meredith
A book published in 1865 entitled The Lacemakers, Sketches of Irish Character has been wrongly attributed to LAM .
The Dictionary of Literary Biography and other sources credit it to her, though the British Library
Textual Production Louisa Anne Meredith
Nellie; or, Seeking Goodly Pearls (which appeared in 1881, with a title-page listing of 1882), though ascribed to LAM in some library catalogues, is actually by an Evangelical Christian writer, Susanna Meredith .
British Library Catalogue.
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Meredith, Susanna. Nellie; or Seeking Goodly Pearls. J. Nisbet, 1882.


September 1864
Susanna Meredith edited the first issue of The Alexandra Magazine and English Woman's Journal, a feminist monthly published in London.
December 1865
The Alexandra Magazine and English Woman's Journal ceased publication in London.
A religiousnovel published this year with 1882 on its title-page, Nellie; or Seeking Goodly Pearls by Mrs Meredith, has been wrongly ascribed to Louisa Anne Meredith , but is actually by the Evangelical Christian Susanna Meredith .