Alexander I, Tsar of Russia

Standard Name: Alexander I,, Tsar of Russia
Used Form: Emperor Alexander


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Leisure and Society Germaine de Staël
Her next salon was frequented by such luminaries as Alexander I , Talleyrand , and the Duke of Wellington .
Kobak, Annette. “Mme de Staël and Fanny Burney”. The Burney Journal, pp. 12 -35.
politics Germaine de Staël
She discussed the issue of military opposition to Napoleon with Tsar Alexander I and with Bernadotte of Sweden .
Kobak, Annette. “Mme de Staël and Fanny Burney”. The Burney Journal, pp. 12 -35.
Publishing Elizabeth Rigby
During the last few years of ER 's life, British interest in the cruel and autocratic rule of Alexander III of Russia (and in the continual ferment of agitation against it) produced a demand for...
Textual Features Jane Porter
JP 's original dedication invoked the memory of Sir Philip Sidney , who did not disdain to write a romance and who consigned his excellent Work to the Affection of a Sister
Porter, Jane. Thaddeus of Warsaw. T. N. Longman and O. Rees, 1803.
(thus recognising...
Textual Production Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck
MAS published a translation from a French pamphlet by Henri Louis Empaytaz dating from two years before: Some Particulars relating to the late Emperor Alexander.
Tsar Alexander died in 1825. He had begun as...


December 1825
Alexander I of Russia died at Taganrog from malaria.