Sir Anthony Van Dyck

Standard Name: Van Dyck, Sir Anthony


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Friends, Associates Margaret Cavendish
During their exile, the marquess entertained influential materialist thinkers Thomas Hobbes , Pierre Gassendi , and René Descartes ; Margaret Cavendish says she made no contribution to their learned discussions, but it seems likely that...
Leisure and Society Ephelia
From an early age, the personal beauty of Lady Mary Villiers and her prominence at court ensured that she was painted many times: by Van Dyck (especially), John Michael Wright , and possibly Lely ...
Textual Features Carola Oman
Oman relates her subject's public engagements as an infant (attending her mother's coronation, sprinkling holy water on her father's corpse); her departure from her native country, with absolutely no knowledge of the English language, to...
Textual Production Mary Delany
MD created work in many visual genres: drawing, painting, silhouettes, cut-paper work, shellwork, and patterns for embroidery as well as the actual embroidery itself. Her collateral descendant and biographer Ruth Hayden remembered as a child...
Wealth and Poverty Lady Jane Cavendish
In November 1645 she hid and thus preserved an inventory of the family silver at Welbeck, and she saved some of the tapestries and Van Dyck paintings from both houses in the general despoiling. Out...


By 15 July 1632
The painter Sir Anthony Van Dyck had spent long enough during his second visit to England to be requesting payment for a completed portrait of Charles I and Henrietta Maria (known to her husband and...
18 February 1742
Horace Walpole noted at a masquerade the popularity of Mary Queen of Scots costumes, and those dressed like Van Dyck portraits in vaguely seventeenth-century style.


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