Pierre Gassendi

Standard Name: Gassendi, Pierre
Used Form: Gassendus


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Friends, Associates Margaret Cavendish
During their exile, the marquess entertained influential materialist thinkers Thomas Hobbes , Pierre Gassendi , and René Descartes ; Margaret Cavendish says she made no contribution to their learned discussions, but it seems likely that...
Friends, Associates Anna Maria van Schurman
Visiting AMS became a custom among cultivated people travelling in or to Utrecht. She met Elizabeth, Princess Palatine (daughter of the Queen of Bohemia ), and became a friend and correspondent of a network of...
Textual Features Anna Maria van Schurman
Having laid out her case, AMS proceeds to summarise and refute that of her Adversaries. These she classifies as the utilitarian (who value learning purely for its cash or career value) and the envious...
Textual Production Anna Maria van Schurman
Gassendi seems to have seen her work in manuscript, since in the printed version she says he has praised her short essay on female education more highly than it deserved.
Schurman, Anna Maria van. The Learned Maid; or, Whether a Maid may be a Scholar?. Translator Barksdale, Clement, John Redmayne.
Textual Production Anna Maria van Schurman
The full title was The Learned Maid; or, Whether a Maid may be a Scholar? A Logick exercise written in Latine by that incomparable virgin Anna Maria à Schurman of Utrecht. With some epistles to...


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