Olwyn Hughes

Standard Name: Hughes, Olwyn


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Family and Intimate relationships Sylvia Plath
Critic Ronald Hayman argues that the Plath-Hughes marriage had been extraordinariy close, despite Hughes's flirtations, despite rows and excessive demands on each other. They had, he writes, seldom been separated for more than ten...
Friends, Associates Elaine Feinstein
While she was teaching at Essex, EF met a number of poets, including Ed Dorn , who fed her interest in American poetry. She was also involved during these years with a group including Tom Pickard
Publishing Ruth Fainlight
RF collaborated on a slim volume of Poems with Ted Hughes and her husband, Alan Sillitoe . This was published in 1971 by Rainbow Press , an organization set up this year by Olwyn Hughes
Publishing Sylvia Plath
Another posthumous collection of SP 's poems, Crystal Gazer, was published by the Rainbow Press , which had been set up that year by Olwyn Hughes at her brother 's suggestion to produce high-quality limited editions.
Tabor, Stephen. Sylvia Plath: An Analytical Bibliography. Meckler, 1987.
Feinstein, Elaine. Ted Hughes. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2001.
Textual Production Sylvia Plath
Intimate or upsetting passages were censored by Ted Hughes and his sister Olwyn Hughes . Ted Hughes has described Plath's journal writing as generally negative self-castigation, or a means of rallying her determination to get...
Textual Production Anne Stevenson
AS felt that Hughes's side of his painful relationship with Plath deserved a hearing, and that she could respect his attempts to protect Plath's mother and their children. AS was aware that conflicts with Ted...


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