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Family and Intimate relationships Ruth Fainlight
RF married the man with whom she had been living for years, Alan Sillitoe (former RAF radio operator, now a suddenly successful novelist), at Marylebone Town Hall in London.
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Family and Intimate relationships Ruth Fainlight
Alan Sillitoe , novelist, writer in many genres, and husband of the poet Ruth Fainlight , died of cancer, aged eighty-one.
Bradford, Richard. Alan Sillitoe Obituary. The Guardian,
Family and Intimate relationships Ruth Fainlight
In autumn 1950, in Nottingham with her husband, RF met a young, struggling, would-be writer, Alan Sillitoe , and they fell in love.
Sillitoe, Alan. Life without Armour. HarperCollins.
The relationship prospered although her comments on the manuscript of his...
Friends, Associates Ruth Fainlight
RF and Alan Sillitoe made the acquaintance of the poet Robert Graves in Mallorca. For some years they were regular guests at Graves's parties, and they continued to visit him in Mallorca until at...
Friends, Associates Elaine Feinstein
While she was teaching at Essex, EF met a number of poets, including Ed Dorn , who fed her interest in American poetry. She was also involved during these years with a group including Tom Pickard
Friends, Associates Doris Lessing
At this time Lessing's friends included a number of writers: Ruth Fainlight and Alan Sillitoe , Arnold Wesker and his wife Dusty, Naomi Mitchison , Ted Hughes , and R. D. Laing .
Diski, Jenny. “Doris and Me”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 21-3.
Friends, Associates Sylvia Plath
SP felt like an outsider in England. One highly promising friendship she made there was that with Ruth Fainlight , another aspiring young, female, married poet of US origin. But this was largely a friendship...
Intertextuality and Influence Pat Barker
PB says that one stage she threw away the manuscript of this novel in despair, but her husband rescued it from the bin.
Jaggi, Maya. “Pat Barker. Dispatches from the front”. The Guardian, pp. G2: 16 - 19.
She said she felt the absence of models for writing fiction...
Publishing Ruth Fainlight
RF collaborated on a slim volume of Poems with Ted Hughes and her husband, Alan Sillitoe . This was published in 1971 by Rainbow Press , an organization set up this year by Olwyn Hughes
Residence Ruth Fainlight
RF and Alan Sillitoe made a rough crossing from Newhaven to Dieppe with a kitten in a home-made box, heading for a rented, unfurnished house called Le Nid near Menton in the French Alpes Maritimes.
Sillitoe, Alan. Life without Armour. HarperCollins.
Textual Production Christine Brooke-Rose
Some of these essays were originally lectures given at conferences and symposiums in Europe or the United States. She says she might have called the book The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Experimenter, except that...
Textual Production Nell Dunn
The critical opinion that ND belonged to the school of Angry Young Men associated her with Alan Sillitoe , John Osborne , and John Braine .
Drabble, Margaret, and Nell Dunn. “Introduction”. Poor Cow, Virago, p. xi - xvi.
The fact that these were each, in different...
Textual Production Ruth Fainlight
All Citizens are Soldiers was published: a two-act play translated and adapted by RF and Alan Sillitoe from the Spanish Fuente Ovejuna, 1614, by Lope de Vega .
More than a decade before this...


1951: The title of Leslie Allen Paul's memoirs,...

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The title of Leslie Allen Paul 's memoirs, Angry Young Man, provided the term Angry Young Men, applied in newspapers and then by critics to a group of largely working-class, socially rebellious, young...

14 October 1958: Alan Sillitoe, husband of Ruth Fainlight,...

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14 October 1958

Alan Sillitoe , husband of Ruth Fainlight , had his first success with Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, a novel resulting from Robert Graves 's advice to write something honest about his native Nottingham.

By September 1959: Alan Sillitoe, husband of the poet Ruth Fainlight,...

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By September 1959

Alan Sillitoe , husband of the poet Ruth Fainlight , published the second of his best-known works, a short-story volume entitled The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner.


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