Harriet Devine Jump

Standard Name: Jump, Harriet Devine


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Literary responses Mary Angela Dickens
Kate Flint has claimed the story is a justifiably angry feminist polemic against men who seduce women and then try to argue their way out of it.
Flint, Kate, editor. “Introduction”. Victorian Love Stories: An Oxford Anthology, Oxford University Press, 1996, p. vii - vix.
Harriet Devine Jump sees MAD as participating...
Textual Features L. E. L.
Such work was often highly orientalist, illustrating scenes from foreign lands and of the lives of exotic women, as in Immolation of a Hindoo Widow, 1836. Critic Harriet Devine Jump has noted, however, that...
Textual Features Caroline Norton
Critic Harriet Devine Jump feels that CN 's poems written during the trial of Lord Melbourne contrast in tone with those she wrote later.
Jump, Harriet Devine. “The False Prudery of Public Taste: Scandalous Women and the Annuals, 1830-1850”. Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers Conference, Lawrence, KS.
The leading contents of the volume were three narrative poems; many...
Textual Production Frances Power Cobbe
Another well-known hymn, written in 1859 and anthologized by A. H. Miles , begins with the line God draws a cloud over each gleaming morn. Cobbe also wrote verse later in her life, such...
Textual Production Maria Jane Jewsbury
MJJ published her second full-length work, a volume of Letters to the Young adapted from actual letters, some if not all addressed to her younger sister Geraldine .
It used to be thought that all...


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