Adriana Craciun

Standard Name: Craciun, Adriana


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Literary responses Anne Bannerman
After her death AB was quickly forgotten. Yet literary historian Stuart Curran has recently noted the influence of her poetry on Dorothea Primrose Campbell . Critic Adriana Craciun , writing for the website Scottish Women...
Literary responses Helen Craik
Apparently the only journal to notice Adelaide de Narbonne was the Anti-Jacobin in January 1800: it wished that Craik had not left her own political stance inexplicit.
Craciun, Adriana, and Kari E. Lokke, editors. “The New Cordays: Helen Craik and British Representations of Charlotte Corday, 1793-1800”. Rebellious Hearts: British Women Writers and the French Revolution, State University of New York Press, 2001, pp. 193 -2.
Critic Shareen Robinson describes this novel as...
Textual Features Charlotte Dacre
Zofloya opens in late fifteenth-century Venice; its climax takes place in the Apennines. It is famous for its female villain, Victoria. She lusts for power and pleasure but specifically for an outrageous love-object...
Violence Helen Craik
This tale of a lady and a groom was said to have ended with the latter's death from a gunshot wound in 1792. This was officially pronounced to be suicide, but rumour said that her...


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