Sir Henry Morton Stanley

Standard Name: Stanley, Sir Henry Morton


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Dedications Olivia Manning
OM dedicated her second book, The Remarkable Expedition: The Story of Stanley 's Rescue of Emin Pasha from Equatorial Africa, to her brother, who had no grave but the sea,
David, Deirdre. Olivia Manning: A Woman at War. Oxford University Press, 2012.
where his plane...
politics Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
MCH considered herself an extreme Liberal, though not a Gladstonian. She was fascinated by the controversy over Sir Henry Morton Stanley 's Relief Expedition of 1887-1890, in which eight Europeans and over a thousand Africans...


28 January 1841
Sir Henry Morton Stanley , explorer and journalist, was born in Denbigh, Wales.
28 October 1871
Henry Stanley of the New York Herald had his famous encounter with explorer David Livingstone at Ujiji on Lake Tanganyika.
By 16 November 1872
Sir Henry Morton Stanley published an account of his African journey: How I Found Livingstone.
By 8 June 1878
Sir Henry Morton Stanley published Through the Dark Continent, an account of his explorations in Africa.
Sir Henry Morton Stanley began his final expedition, a journey to find and relieve the governor of Equatoria, Emin Pasha .
By 5 July 1890
Sir Henry Morton Stanley published In Darkest Africa, an account of his various travels there.
10 May 1904
Sir Henry Morton Stanley , explorer and journalist, died in Surrey.