Robert Herring

Standard Name: Herring, Robert


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Dedications H. D.
She dedicated this section to Bryher and Robert Herring , but the second part, written about eighteen months later (following her postwar nervous breakdown) and titled The Guest, to Bryher alone.
Friedman, Susan Stanford. “’Remembering Shakespeare Always, But Remembering Him Differently’: H.D.’s By Avon River”. Sagetrieb, No. 2, pp. 45 -70.
46-7, 53
Publishing Margiad Evans
ME also produced a few essays and number of reviews. Three Seas, published in Robert Herring 's Life and Letters in 1945, drew on Brittany, Iceland, and England, peacetime and wartime....
Publishing H. D.
Between 1935 and 1950 HD had available as an outlet for her writing Life and Letters To-Day, the new magazine which Bryher established through a merger of Life and Letters with The London Mercury...
Textual Production Bryher
Bryher published two books on film. Film Problems in Soviet Russia, published by POOL in April 1929, was part of her effort to bring the work of Sergei Eisenstein before a western public. Written...
Textual Production Bryher
Desmond MacCarthy had launched Life and Letters in June 1928; it issued its last number this month, and Bryher's new publication first appeared in September. It merged it with the London Mercury after May 1939...


September 1935
Life and Letters To-Day, edited by Robert Herring and Bryher , produced its first quarterly issue in London.
Life and Letters To-day, edited by Robert Herring and Bryher , ceased publication in London.