Joan Aiken

Standard Name: Aiken, Joan
Birth Name: Joan Delano Aiken
Indexed Name: Joan Delano Aiken
Married Name: Joan Delano Brown
Married Name: Joan Delano Goldstein
JA was a popular and successful later twentieth-century writer of short stories and longer fictions for children, most of which are fantasies or have strong supernatural or mystery elements. She also wrote adult novels (both thrillers and romances), and last of all of a series of sequels to novels by Jane Austen .
Black-and-white photograph of Joan Aiken, who is standing between two large columns, 19 October 1984.
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Black and white photo of Joan Aiken. She stands in front of iron railings like a park fence, with trees behind it. She wears a turtleneck, blazer, and necklace, and has a stern or serious look.
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