Mary of Modena, Queen of England

Standard Name: Mary of Modena,, Queen of England
Used Form: Mary Beatrice d'Este, also known as Mary of Modena


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Anthologization Anne Finch
While she was still a maid of honour to Mary of Modena , Anne Kingsmill (later AF ) began circulating her poems in manuscript: some political and religious pieces appeared in miscellanies in this decade...
Employer Winifred Maxwell, Countess of Nithsdale
Winifred succeeded her mother as a lady-in-waiting to Mary Beatrice of Modena . While the Jacobite court-in-exile of St Germain was where she primarily worked, she became an expert too on the byzantine routine of...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Lucy Herbert
This was the outcome of the Meal Tub Plot, so called after the container in Elizabeth Cellier 's kitchen where evidence was planted. Lady Powis was then granted bail, and the charges against her...
Family and Intimate relationships Winifred Maxwell, Countess of Nithsdale
When the English court turned Catholic, Lady Powis served as lady-in-waiting to the queen, Mary of Modena . She was a witness to the birth of the king and queen's baby son , was appointed...
Intertextuality and Influence Aphra Behn
This (full title To Poet Bavius: Occasion'd by his Satyr He Writ in his Verses to the King , upon the Queen s being Deliver'd of a Son) ridicules the labouring Muse
Behn, Aphra. The Works of Aphra Behn. Todd, JanetEditor , William Pickering, 1992.
1: 299
Literary Setting Mary Boyle
MB here recounts the story, set during the final days of James II 's reign, of Mary Savile, a fictional maid of honour toMary of Modena , James's wife (whose actual maids of honour...
Occupation Winifred Maxwell, Countess of Nithsdale
Mary of Modena had no position to give, though she wrote a letter of advice. Lady Nithsdale offered her services to a potential wife of James Edward as soon as the existence of such a...
Occupation Elizabeth Cellier
EC was evidently consulted in her capacity as a midwife by James II on the failure of his wife, Mary of Modena , to bear a child. Cellier said the queen was fertile, and advised...
Occupation Anne Finch
Anne Kingsmill (later AF ) became a maid of honour to Mary of Modena , wife of the future James II .
McGovern, Barbara. Anne Finch and Her Poetry: A Critical Biography. University of Georgia Press, 1992.
Occupation Lady Lucy Herbert
While at St Germain, LLH attended the court of Mary Beatrice of Modena , but it does not appear that she held any official position there as her mother and sister did.
Maxwell Stuart, Flora. Lady Nithsdale and the Jacobites. Traquair House, 1995.
Occupation Anne Killigrew
She became, along with Anne Kingsmill (later Anne Finch) and Sarah Jennings (later Duchess of Marlborough) , a Maid of Honour to Mary of Modena (then Duchess of York).
Greer, Germaine, Susan Hastings, Jeslyn Medoff, and Melinda Sansone, editors. Kissing the Rod. Virago, 1988.
Textual Production Agnes Strickland
Both sisters were indefatigable researchers. They took as their motto Facts, not Opinions
Pope-Hennessy, Una. Agnes Strickland: Biographer of the Queens of England. Chatto and Windus, 1940.
(though they were more willing to editorialise than the motto might suggest). They lobbied politicians, pulling every possible string to secure...
Textual Production Aphra Behn
On the pregnancy of Mary of Modena , the Stationers' Company licensed AB 's A Congratulatory Poem to Her Most Sacred Majesty on the Universal Hopes of all Loyal Persons for a Prince of Wales.
O’Donnell, Mary Ann. Aphra Behn: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources. Garland, 1986.
Textual Production Anne Finch
AF marked the death of Mary of Modena (widow of James II ), her former employer, with an elegy rntitled On the Death of the Queen.
Mary died on 26 April/7 May (of which...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Jane Barker
These royalist poems centre on the female figure of Mary of Modena .
Prescott, Sarah. “’Who now shall fill the vacant throne?’: Jane Barker and the Debt to Orinda”. British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, Oxford.
Many refer to specific historical or military events, and lament what Barker sees as a time of misrule. Her language about her...


27 May 1682
Mary of Modena , wife of the future James II , arrived in England.
10 June 1688
The son of Mary of Modena and James II was born; the date became one of annual importance to Jacobites.
10 June 1688
The son of Mary of Modena and James II was born; the date became one of annual importance to Jacobites.
February 1689
Mary of Modena wrote to Pope Innocent XI asking him to lead an alliance of the Catholic rulers of Europe to restore her husband as rightful and Catholic ruler of Britain.