Louisa Stuart Costello

Standard Name: Costello, Louisa Stuart
Birth Name: Louisa Stuart Costello
LSC wrote during the first half of the nineteenth century, producing five travel narratives, several volumes of poetry (both original and translated), numerous historical biographies, and more than twenty-five articles for a variety of noted periodicals. She wrote articles and reviews for the Athenæum but was best known for her travel writings and historical writings on France. LSC was able to support herself and her family with earnings drawn from her writings.
Sepia-toned albumen print of Louisa Stuart Costello by Herbert Watkins, 1857. She sits on a carved chair, gazing thoughtfully to her left, with her right hand up to her neckline. Her hair is in ringlets in front and decorated with bows. She wears a dark dress with ruffles descending the sleeves, and a white lace collar. National Portrait Gallery.
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His social circle included prominent literary women: Mary Tighe , sisters Lady Morgan (Sydney Owenson) and Olivia Clarke , Mary Shelley , Marguerite Blessington , Louisa Stuart Costello , and Caroline Norton . He knew...
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They began to build a network of literary friends and potential supporters: Thomas Campbell , Robert Southey , Charles Lamb , editor William Jerdan , and even more helpfully women like Barbara Hofland , Jane
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The Athenæum reviewer was Louisa Stuart Costello .
The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870.
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The mixed-race Canadian heroine of the title, Lucia Costello (interestingly close in name to the writer Louisa Stuart Costello , who died three years before the novel appeared), is an exotic beauty living in the...
Reception Robert Southey
This work sparked interest in Louisa Stuart Costello , among other writers. When Southey died, the Brazilian government paid for his monument in gratitude for his having written this history.
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5 January 1907
Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts (who died of bronchitis on 30 December 1906) became the last person laid to rest at Westminster Abbey.