P. L. Travers

Standard Name: Travers, P. L.
Birth Name: Helen Lyndon Goff
Pseudonym: P. L. Travers
Pseudonym: Milo Reve
Self-constructed Name: Pamela Lyndon Travers
Self-constructed Name: P. L. Travers
PLT , poet, editor, essayist, critic, travel writer, and novelist, who was born in Australia but wrote mostly in England, is best known for her Mary Poppins books, generally classified as for children. All her life she was absorbed by myth, magic, and legend, both ancient and modern. Her work drew on the legacy of past myth makers and she herself left a legacy for today's writers like J. K. Rowling , creator of Harry Potter.
Black and white photograph of P. L. Travers playing the part of Titania in Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream", c. 1924. She perches on a log wearing a sleeveless tunic, with vine-leaves in her unruly curls, and flowers scattered around.
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A very early friend of JOF , a boy who was older by six years, was Garret FitzGerald , who was later to become Ireland's most distinguished Taoiseach.
O’Faolain, Julia. Trespassers, A Memoir. Faber and Faber, 2014.
Because of this the children in...


Patricia Lynch published The Turf-Cutter's Donkey: one of a new wave of characterful books for children which also included P. L. Travers , Enid Bagnold , Noel Streatfeild , and Eve Garnett .


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