Eve Garnett

Standard Name: Garnett, Eve


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Publishing Evelyn Sharp
ES published The London Child, a survey of the experience of childhood in the capital, with illustrations by Eve Garnett .
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012]. http://www.gale.com/c/the-times-literary-supplement-historical-archive.
1314 (7 April 1927): 243
Clark, Beverly Lyon, and Evelyn Sharp. “Introduction”. The Making of a Schoolgirl, Oxford University Press, pp. 3-23.
17, 23
Publishing Evelyn Sharp
Her Daily Bread (an account of the co-operative movement and the Women's Co-operative Guild ) also appeared in 1928, from Ernest Benn , as number six in the series Self and Society Booklets, with...


1934: Patricia Lynch published The Turf-Cutter's...

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Patricia Lynch published The Turf-Cutter's Donkey: one of a new wave of characterful books for children which also included P. L. Travers , Enid Bagnold , Noel Streatfeild , and Eve Garnett .

1936: The Library Association (backed by the Carnegie...

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The Library Association (backed by the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust ) established the annual Carnegie Medal for an outstanding book for children published in Britain.

1937: Eve Garnett published The Family from One-End...

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Eve Garnett published The Family from One-End Street, which was remarkable as probably the first British story for children to centre on an ordinary, realistically depicted working-class family.


Sharp, Evelyn, and Eve Garnett. The London Child. John Lane, Bodley Head, 1927.