Allen Ginsberg

Standard Name: Ginsberg, Allen


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Education Adrienne Rich
Here she was introduced to the poetry of Donne , Yeats , Eliot , Pound , Frost , Thomas , MacNeice , Stevens , and Ginsberg .
Yorke, Liz. Adrienne Rich: Passion, Politics, and the Body. Sage, 1997.
Rich enjoyed her time at Radcliffe, though...
Friends, Associates Ezra Pound
In St Elizabeth's he gathered around him a motley crew of would-be poets, anti-semites and white supremacists.
Ford, Mark. “I want to boom”. London Review of Books, No. 10, pp. 9 - 12.
Visitors from outside included Allen Ginsberg , to whom he apparently confessed that his stupid suburban prejudice...
Intertextuality and Influence Elaine Feinstein
EF wrote her first poems at play, while she bounced tennis balls against the garage door. When she showed one to a teacher and it appeared in the school magazine, she became hooked for life...
Intertextuality and Influence Liz Lochhead
LL wrote her first poem, The Visit, while she was studying at the Glasgow School of Art in the mid-1960s. She included it in her first collection, Memo For Spring. By 1970 she...
politics Ezra Pound
According to reviewer Mark Ford, from 1916 onwards attacks on chews begin sporadically to disfigure his writings
Ford, Mark. “I want to boom”. London Review of Books, No. 10, pp. 9 - 12.
even though in 1967, five years before his death, in a conversation with Allen Ginsberg he...
Textual Production Ruth Fainlight
In 1986 she published with her introduction, through Turret Books , the Selected Poems of her late brother Harry Fainlight , with a memoir by Allen Ginsberg and a poem by Ted Hughes , in...


3 June 1956
A bookstore assistant at City Lights of San Francisco was arrested for selling a copy of Howl, a small-size verse pamphlet by the young beat poet Allen Ginsberg .
16 July 1967
The first Legalize Pot Rally was held in Hyde Park, London, under the auspices of an organization called Soma , often written as SOMA.