Stef Pixner

Standard Name: Pixner, Stef


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Publishing Alison Fell
The volume (Sheba's fourth ever) was decorated with exuberant drawings by Fell, Pixner , and Roberts .
Textual Production Alison Fell
AF joined with Stef Pixner , Michèle Roberts , Tina Reid , and Ann Oosthuizen in publishing with Sheba Feminist Publishers a poetry volume, Smile Smile Smile Smile.
Fell, Alison, Stef Pixner, Tina Reid, Michèle Roberts, and Ann Oosthuizen. Smile Smile Smile Smile. Sheba Feminist Publishers, 1980.
British Books in Print. J. Whitaker and Sons, 1987.
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Textual Production Alison Fell
AF was a constant source of scenes, burlesques, and improvisations for performance by the Women's Liberation Street Theatre Group . She also wrote for a number of underground or radical papers: Ink, Islington Gutter...
Textual Production Michèle Roberts
MR was one of five (with Alison Fell , Stef Pixner , Tina Reid , and Ann Oosthuizen ) who issued Smile Smile Smile Smile in September 1980, the fourth publication of Sheba Feminist Publishers


25 November 1982
Diana Scott issued Bread and Roses: An Anthology of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Poetry by Women Writers.