James Robinson Planché

Standard Name: Planché, James Robinson
Used Form: James Robinson Planche
Used Form: J. R. Planché


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Friends, Associates Maria Jane Jewsbury
Determined to be a writer, MJJ actively sought literary society. Her other literary friends included author and editor Samuel Laman Blanchard , dramatist James Robinson Planché , the Rev. George Robert Gleig , and Sir Walter Scott
Publishing Emma Robinson
About the time she published her first novel, ER also composed a three-act play entitled Richelieu in Love.
The duc de Richelieu , churchman and statesman,Cardinal and French Prime Minister, had had areputation as...
Textual Features Susanna Watts
The title-page quotes Pope , who also (with his Messiah) stands first among the contents. Some pieces are unascribed; others are by Byron (The Isles of Greece), Jane Taylor (The Squire's...
Textual Production Emma Robinson
ER 's play Richelieu in Love; or, The Youth of Charles I was in print, anonymously, for she wrote to J. R. Planché reminding him about it and enclosing (as a pamphlet) a printed copy.
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Planché, James Robinson. The Recollections and Reflections of J.R. Planché. Tinsley Brothers, 1872.


Stage costuming underwent a radical change after Planché was commissioned by Charles Kemble to design new dresses for the production of King John at the Covent Garden Theatre .
3 January 1831
London Society was introduced to the management of Lucia Vestris at the Olympic Theatre with the opening of Olympic Revels; or, Prometheus and Pandora.
4 December 1831
James Robinson Planché and other playwrights (all male) met at a London tavern and resolved to petition for reform of the law on dramatic copyright.
9 September 1844
The inaugural meeting of the British Archaeological Association was held at Canterbury; it lasted for a highly successful week, and attracted two or three hundred delegates of both sexes.