Samuel Laman Blanchard

Standard Name: Blanchard, Samuel Laman


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death Isabel Hill
In Laman Blanchard 's eulogy she is remembered as having held a very high sense of the duty which woman owes to herself—the nicest possible perception of all the delicacies that compose the female character.
Hill, Benson Earle. “Memoir of the Late Isabel Hill”. The Monthly Magazine, Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper.
Friends, Associates Isabel Hill
Another friend, the actress Helen Faucit , was quick to lend Isabel and her brother money when they were in need. (Isabel succeeded in repaying it out of literary earnings not long before her death.)...
Friends, Associates Maria Jane Jewsbury
Determined to be a writer, MJJ actively sought literary society. Her other literary friends included author and editor Samuel Laman Blanchard , dramatist James Robinson Planché , the Rev. George Robert Gleig , and Sir Walter Scott
Literary responses Isabel Hill
In his eulogy of IHLaman Blanchard observes that she shrank from publicity: To publish her thoughts seemed to her, in some measure, a violence done to the principle which her clear mind recognized as...
Literary responses L. E. L.
The volume firmly established her trademark theme of the doomed romantic female poet, and this persona was strongly identified with LEL herself. Her Victorian biographer Laman Blanchard claimed that LEL and Sappho were voted one...
Reception L. E. L.
Laman Blanchard published his Life and Literary Remains of L.E.L.
The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870.
709 (29 may 1841): 421-3


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Blanchard, Samuel Laman, and L. E. L. Life and Literary Remains of L.E.L. H. Colburn, 1841.