Sylvia Brown

Standard Name: Brown, Sylvia


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Cultural formation Elizabeth Richardson
They were apparently earnest in their Anglican religion. As an adult ER seems to have been a conservative in that religion, opposed to the radical reforms inflicted on the Church under the Commonwealth, such as...
Education Elizabeth Joscelin
EJ continued her education for herself after her marriage, studying, perhaps at Crowlands, morality and history, putting to use her existing knowledge of languages and of poetry.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Sylvia Brown speculates that this may imply reading...
Literary responses Dorothy Leigh
DL 's book probably influenced the compilation and publication of those by Elizabeth Joscelin and Elizabeth Richardson .
Leigh, Dorothy, Elizabeth Joscelin, and Elizabeth Richardson. Women’s Writing in Stuart England. Brown, SylviaEditor , Sutton, 1999.
Editor Sylvia Brown sees her as in some sense a foremother of the women preachers who...
Publishing Dorothy Leigh
A single copy of this first edition survives, in the Bodleian Library . It was re-issued the next year, and twice more the year after that. There were seven editions in five years, and couple...
Residence Elizabeth Joscelin
Elizabeth probably lived at her grandfather's estate at Southoe in Huntingdonshire during his lifetime. After he died, Sylvia Brown thinks that although her grandmother was still alive, Elizabeth may have lived until her marriage with...
Textual Production Elizabeth Richardson
A page of this handsome italic manuscript, bearing ER 's prefatory epistle, her signature (as Ashburnham) and the date, is reproduced in facsimile in Sylvia Brown 's edition of her printed book.
Richardson, Elizabeth, Dorothy Leigh, Elizabeth Joscelin, Dorothy Leigh, and Elizabeth Joscelin. “A Ladies Legacie to Her Daughters”. Women’s Writing in Stuart England, edited by Sylvia Brown, Sutton, 1999, pp. 157 -58.


An anonymous book appeared at London entitled A Mothers Teares over Hir Seduced Sonne (seduced not sexually but by the Catholic faith away from the Protestant).