James Connolly

Standard Name: Connolly, James


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Cultural formation Constance, Countess Markievicz
Biographer Anne Haverty notes that her conversion harmonise[d] with the quasi-mystical side
Haverty, Anne. Constance Markievicz: An Independent Life. Pandora, 1988.
of her personality and with her love of the natural world. CCM also made the choice to convert for non-spiritual reasons: being...
Friends, Associates Constance, Countess Markievicz
As the communal experiment was ending, CCM began two new professional relationships: one with Jim Larkin , then leader of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union , and another with James Connolly , father...
Material Conditions of Writing Constance, Countess Markievicz
While CCM 's sister Eva Gore-Booth was a successful poet (as well as a feminist and labour activist), and Constance occasionally experimented with her own poetry. She wrote while in jail, and her poems are...
politics Constance, Countess Markievicz
On the first morning of action, James Connolly announced the formation of the Irish Republican Army ; in it, CCM served as Staff Lieutenant. She first delivered medical supplies to the City Hall station with...
politics Dora Sigerson
Greatly moved by the Easter Rising of 1916 and the executions which followed it, DS created a sculpture in memory of the events of the Rising; the sculpture now stands in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin...
politics Charlotte Despard
She then joined the Connolly Club (later the Connolly Association), which was founded in London to work for the full freedom of the Irish people and to promote the ideas of James Connolly . In...
Publishing Maud Gonne
MG occasionally contributed to the Workers' Republic (1898-1916), founded by James Connolly , with whom she wrote and distributed a pamphlet entitled The Rights of Life and the Rights of Property, 1897. She also...
Publishing Constance, Countess Markievicz
Constance, Countess Markievicz, published in Dublin a pamphlet on James Connolly 's Policy and Catholic Doctrine.
Haverty, Anne. Constance Markievicz: An Independent Life. Pandora, 1988.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Dora Sigerson
The Tricolour addresses the events of the Rising and the Irish nationalists who fought valiantly but in vain. It begins with a prose piece, Tricolour, in which DS takes the three colours of the...


29 May 1896
James Connolly formed the Irish Socialist Republican Party .
After August 1912
James Connolly spoke in favour of women's suffrage at an Irish Women's Franchise League weekly meeting.
19 November 1913
James Connolly founded the Irish Citizen Army (ICA) in Dublin during the 1913 Lock-out.
James Connolly , founder of the Irish Socialist Republican Party in 1896, included a pro-suffrage chapter entitled Women in his socialist, nationalist text The Re-Conquest of Ireland.
December 1915
The Irish Republican Brotherhood established a Military Council to plan a rebellion in Ireland.
24-29 April 1916
In what became known as the Easter Rising, the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army took control of Dublin.