Henry Hart Milman

Standard Name: Milman, Henry Hart
Used Form: Rev. Henry Milman


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Dedications Mary Ann Browne
The title page quotes S. M. Waring . The dedication is to H. H. Milman , Professor of Poetry at Oxford.
Friends, Associates Frances Trollope
It took several years for the Trollopes' financial difficulties to turn into a financial catastrophe, and during those years, FT entertained many friends and acquaintances, including Lady Milman , whose husband had been Queen Charlotte
Literary responses Sarah Austin
Her translations of Ranke 's works were praised by Henry Hart Milman , Dean of St Paul's, and historian Thomas Babington Macaulay .
Stephen, Sir Leslie, and Sidney Lee, editors. The Dictionary of National Biography. Smith, Elder, 1908.
Macaulay's response to History of the Popes was: Of this translation we...
Literary responses Joanna Baillie
When Baillie re-read her own Witchcraft as a work in progress she wrote: I am inclined to think well of it. Renfrew witches upon a polite stage! Will such a thing ever be endorsed!
Witchcraft by Joanna Baillie. Finborough Theatre, 2008.
Residence Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Her new house was one of the first completed on a new estate by builder-entrepreneur Thomas Cubitt . In January 1838, when she and her husband moved in, the area was still green, almost rural...
Textual Features Harriet Martineau
When Henry Milman begged HM (who was about to publish on the topic of America) not to attack his friend Frances Trollope , she replied: you don't suppose I am going to occupy any...
Textual Features Eliza Cook
Her poetic topics strongly reflect her reliance on well-tried promoters of sentiment: death, parting, gypsies, favourite horses and dogs, local feeling for Scotland or Ireland. The collection closes with a section of poems for...


American Charlotte Cushman made a sensation at her debut on the English stage as Bianca in Henry Hart Milman 's Fazio at the Princess's Theatre.