Prince Rupert

Standard Name: Rupert, Prince


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Dedications Elizabeth Polwhele
Since it has prologue, epilogue, and cast-list, the play was evidently meant for performance; it was probably performed, though the sparse theatre records of this time bear no trace of it.
Polwhele, Elizabeth. “Introduction: A ’Lost’ Play and its Context”. The Frolicks, edited by Judith Milhous and Robert D. Hume, Cornell University Press, 1977, pp. 13-49.
The manuscript is...
Family and Intimate relationships Ephelia
All kinds of rumours circulated about romantic involvements (including one with Rupert ) of Mary, Duchess of Richmond.
Thumbprints of "Ephelia" (Lady Mary Villiers): The End of an Enigma in Restoration Attribution.,
Love-affairs, like debts, were so predictable for a beautiful, lively, and unattached woman at Court that it...
Fictionalization Ephelia
In 2007 Cheryl Sawyer , in a historical novel entitled The Winter Prince, presented a triangular relationship between the happily-married Duchess of Richmond (already a poet, identified as the future Ephelia), her husband ...
politics Ephelia
Ephelia was, from her poems, a Tory, a passionate supporter of the Stuart monarchy. In 1645 Mary, Duchess of Richmond, was advising Prince Rupert by letter on his relations with Charles I .
Thumbprints of "Ephelia" (Lady Mary Villiers): The End of an Enigma in Restoration Attribution.,
Textual Features Ephelia
Among the poems of praise, To Madam Bhen [sic] (then a not uncommon rendering of Behn) adapts from Cowley 's famous praise of Philips the idea of uniting the Strong and Sweet.
Ephelia,. Female Poems on Several Occasions. James Courtney, 1679.
Textual Features Edna Lyall
This is another English Civil War story, in which imaginary characters (a pair of courting lovers, a villain, the noble-hearted Charlotte who is based on EL 's nurse during her childhood, and Joscelyn Heyworth and...
Textual Production Mary Carleton
According to critic Mihoko Suzuki , The Case incorporates two portraits of its protagonist. The same plate was apparently used in two versions, one revised as to the hairstyle and ageing of the face. One...


2 June 1644
The Battle of Marston Moor near York was fought: a singularly bloody affair, and the largest battle of the English Civil War.
25 March 1645
In the first case of witchcraft managed by Matthew Hopkins , Elizabeth Clarke of Manningtree in Essex (who had probably been deprived of sleep during interrogation) confessed to using familiars.
8-9 August 1666
In a major English coup of the Second Dutch War, Albemarle and Prince Rupert burned a hundred and fifty Dutch merchant ships off the island of Schelling.


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