Matthew Hopkins

Standard Name: Hopkins, Matthew


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Material Conditions of Writing Sarah Daniels
Contrary to her usual custom, SD did an enormous amount of reading and research to tackle this historical subject. She visited the actual haunts of Matthew Hopkins the famous witch-finder, and was deeply moved as...
Travel Sarah Daniels
While working on Byrthrite, 1986, SD visited Mistley and Manningtree in Essex, centre of the pernicious activities of the witch-finder Matthew Hopkins .
Daniels, Sarah. Plays: One. Methuen.


25 March 1645: In the first case of witchcraft managed by...

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25 March 1645

In the first case of witchcraft managed by Matthew Hopkins , Elizabeth Clarke of Manningtree in Essex (who had probably been deprived of sleep during interrogation) confessed to using familiars.

Probably by mid-1647: Matthew Hopkins published in London A Discovery...

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Probably by mid-1647

Matthew Hopkins published in LondonA Discovery of Witches in . . . Norfolk.


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