Paul Bourget

Standard Name: Bourget, Paul


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Friends, Associates A. Mary F. Robinson
Their neighbours there included Edith Wharton .
Colby, Vineta. Vernon Lee: A Literary Biography. University of Virginia Press, 2003.
Maurice Barrès , a close friend with whom AMFR 's correspondence was posthumously published, was a French politician holding fairly extreme nationalist views. Daniel Halévy , editor...
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Augusta Ward
Despite her wide reading, excellent education for a woman, and Oxford connections, MAWs' trip to Paris in 1874 opened her eyes intellectually. It brought her into contact with Ernest Renan , Madame Mohl , Hippolyte Taine
Textual Production A. Mary F. Robinson
Daniel Halévy (who wrote with enthusiasm of her poetry and with delight of meeting a quotation from it in a book by Paul Bourget ) praised some late poems written in French, especially a ballade...


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