Norbert Schürer

Standard Name: Schürer, Norbert
Used Form: Norbert Schurer


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death Jane Cave
By her own desire she was buried in the churchyard at a place with family associations, Talgarth in Brecknockshire (now Powys). An obituary in Gentleman's Magazine (the only trace of her in metropolitan as...
Literary responses Jane Cave
Catherine Messem made the case for JC as a Welsh writer in Irreconcilable Tensions: Gender, Class and the Welsh Question in the Poetry of Jane Cave (c.1754-1813) in Welsh Writing in English: A Yearbook of...
Literary responses Jane Cave
Thoughts, Which Occurred to the Author, at Llanwrtid has become one of JC 's most-discussed poems, because of its being read as the most Welsh, though Norbert Schürer argues that this meditative, devotional poem...
Literary responses Jane Cave
Schürer has noted that JC is unique in handling this material in print: nowhere else in eighteenth-century non-fictional texts does a respectable woman track her husband to a brothel or catch a venereal disease from...
Publishing Charlotte Lennox
A scholarly edition edited by Norbert Schürer in 2008 includes some excerpts from Lady's Museum.
Publishing Charlotte Lennox
Fifty items relating to CL (mostly letters addressed to her) survive in the Houghton Library , Harvard University . This collection was discovered in 1964 but took some years to reach scholarly notice.
Isles, Duncan. “The Lennox Collection”. Harvard Library Bulletin, No. 4, pp. 317 - 44.
317, 320-1
Textual Production Jane Cave
The full title of this work, published by George Routh of Bristol, is Prose and Poetry, on Religious, Moral and Entertaining Subjects, with a Brief, but Authentic, and Affecting History of Orenzo and Sarah...


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