Tristan Tzara

Standard Name: Tzara, Tristan


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Family and Intimate relationships Nancy Cunard
Tristan Tzara was later her lover.
Mackworth, Cecily. Ends of the World. Carcanet, 1987.
Friends, Associates Nancy Cunard
NC established important relationships in Paris: with Dadaist Tristan Tzara , Louis Aragon , American writers Janet Flanner and Solita Solano , and photographer Man Ray .
Clements, Patricia. “’Transmuting’ Nancy Cunard”. Dalhousie Review, pp. 188 -14.
During the second world war she became...
Friends, Associates Cecily Mackworth
Her literary circle in Paris was highly eclectic: the many camps in which she had friends included the Surrealist rump, the incoming Existentialists, and the Communists (who were mostly ex-Surrealists).
Mackworth, Cecily. Ends of the World. Carcanet, 1987.
Tristan Tzara became a...
Textual Production Cecily Mackworth
The former volume comprises French poems with English translations by practising English poets whom Mackworth felt to have an affinity with the poets translated.
Mackworth, Cecily. Ends of the World. Carcanet, 1987.
45 and n
She uses her own versions of Laforgue ,...


15 June 1916
A small international group of artists at Zurich in Switzerland (where many of them were sitting out the First World War) began this summer to call their indignant, iconoclastic work Dada or Dadaism. On this...