Lant Carpenter

Standard Name: Carpenter, Lant


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Carpenter
MC 's father, Lant Carpenter died in mysterious circumstances at sea, going overboard from a ship off the coast of Europe. Her friend Joseph Tuckerman also died within a couple of weeks of this event.
Carpenter, J. Estlin. The Life and Work of Mary Carpenter. MacMillan and Co., 1881.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Carpenter
MC 's father, Lant Carpenter , was born on 2 September 1780 to Mary née Hooke and her husband, carpet manufacturer George Carpenter .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.,
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His father left the family after his business...
Instructor Harriet Martineau
HM spent a happy fifteen months at a girls' school in Bristol run by her beloved aunt Mrs Robert Rankin ; while here she also became devoted to Unitarian minister and religious teacher the Rev....
Occupation Mary Carpenter
The Domestic Mission was apparently the brainchild of her father , but MC says in a later letter that he was not one whose forte lay in collecting around him those outcasts of society; he...
Textual Features Mary Carpenter
The volume included material by other people: a biographical sketch of Rammohun Roy by MC 's late father, Lant Carpenter ; her brother Russell 's memoir of their father; and funeral sermons for Rammohun Roy by several hands.


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