British Women's Temperance Association


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Occupation Clara Balfour
CB was elected President of the British Women's Temperance League .
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politics Laura Ormiston Chant
Chant was particularly concerned at the activities of women who were very much painted and more or less gorgeously dressed,
Bland, Lucy. Banishing the Beast: Feminism, Sex and Morality. Tauris Parke, 2002.
a euphemistic description for the prostitutes who sought clients at the Empire's Promenade. Chant...


The debate over sacramental wine raged in the temperance movement: Rev. Beardsall of Manchester campaigned for the substitution of grape juice or unfermented wine at the altar.
April 1876
The British Women's Temperance Association was founded at the national convention of the British Independent Order of the Good Templars in Newcastle.
Margaret Bright Lucas , an influential and active campaigner for women's rights, died.
By 1892
The British Women's Temperance Association had 195 branches, and had united over 570 smaller groups, all campaigning for temperance.
October 1892
Wings began monthly publication in London from the British Women's Temperance Association .
16-17 October 1903
The National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies sponsored a National Convention in Defence of the Civic Rights of Women in London; the conference's aim was to develop strategies to make suffrage an issue in...
19 May 1906
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman , newly-elected Prime Minister, received a deputation of suffragists.
December 1925
White Ribbon and Wings, a temperance magazine, ended monthly publication in London.
Saturday 19 June 1926
About a hundred thousand participants of the Peacemakers' Pilgrimage (all wearing blue armbands showing the white dove of peace and the word Pax) converged on Hyde Park in London.