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Publishing Amanda McKittrick Ros
AMKR 's husband, Andrew Ross , paid for the printing of her first novel, at Belfast, as a gift on their tenth wedding anniversary.
Ros, Amanda McKittrick. “Introduction”. Thine in Storm and Calm, edited by Frank Ormsby, Blackstaff Press, 1988, pp. 1 - 22.
As biographer Jack Loudan puts it, she persuaded him...
Publishing Antonia White
It then appeared as the first book issued by the new firm of Desmond Harmsworth , whose founder and owner was the lover of AW 's friend Wyn Henderson . Two thousand copies were printed...
Textual Production Hope Mirrlees
The Nonesuch Press published a collection of translations by Jane Harrison and HM , The Book of the Bear, Being Twenty-One Tales Newly Translated from the Russian. The text features illustrations by Ray Garnett .
Robinson, Annabel. The Life and Work of Jane Ellen Harrison. Oxford University Press, 2001.
Textual Production Amanda McKittrick Ros
A Dublin man, John Coghlan (who had written to AMKR after the publication of the Nonesuch edition of Irene Iddesleigh) was reading the manuscript of what became this book by 1935. He made suggestions...
Textual Production Amanda McKittrick Ros
Published in a limited edition of one hundred and fifty copies, St. Scandalbags contains the first printing of AMKR 's diatribe against Lewis's review of the Nonesuch edition of Irene Iddesleigh, 1926.


Nonesuch Press was founded at 30 Gerrard Street, London, by Francis Meynell , Vera Mendel (who became his second wife two years later), and David Garnett .
Rupert Hart-Davis Limited was founded by Rupert Hart-Davis and David Garnett , co-founder of Nonesuch Press , at 53 Connaught Street, London.