St Bartholomew's Hospital


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Family and Intimate relationships Ann Jebb
He had struggled with his conscience over this decision for several years, writing to a friend that he found the sensations of conjugal and paternal love, opposed to the sense of duty.
Jebb, John. “Memoirs”. The Works, Theological, Medical, Political, and Miscellaneous, of John Jebb, M.D. F.R.S., edited by John Disney, T. Cadell, J. Johnson, and J. Stockdale; J. and J. Merrill, 1787, pp. 1: 1 - 227.
He applied...
Friends, Associates Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
They met in London, where Blackwell had come to study at St Bartholomew's Hospital .
Health E. M. Delafield
Subsequently she returned home and continued working, but suffered from ongoing bouts of pain. In July 1943, she had radiation treatment at Bart's Hospital in London.
Powell, Violet. The Life of a Provincial Lady. Heinemann, 1988.


St Bartholomew's Hospital was founded in London by Rahere , a courtier of Henry I and canon of St Paul's Cathedral.
Future army nurse Sidney Browne began informal nursing training at the Guest Hospital , Dudley.
1 April 1878
Ethel Manson enrolled as a nurse-in-training at the Children's Hospital in Nottingham.
November 1880
Future nursing educator Margaret Huxley enrolled in the training programme for nurses at St Bartholomew's Hospital .
Spring 1881
Nurse Ethel Manson became Matron of St Bartholomew's Hospital and soon took over the training of nurses.
June 1887
10 December 1887
Mrs Ethel Fenwick , with twenty-nine hospital matrons, officially named and founded the British Nurses' Association ; this was the first organized attempt by nurses to improve the status of their profession.