Ministry of Food


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Employer Lettice Cooper
During the Second World War LC was a public relations officer for the Ministry of Food . She also served as an Air-Raid Warden.
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Employer Muriel Jaeger
Besides her writing career, MJ worked sporadically in various sectors. It seems that at least while she was young, she did not choose to commit herself to any one job for a long period of...
Occupation Pamela Frankau
During the Second World War, PF first worked with the Ministry of Food , then joined the ATS in February 1942 and rose from private to major, having trained at the Officer Cadet Training Unit
Other Life Event May Cannan
Under this Ministry of Food scheme, one felt one might be taking more than one's share and said, No thank you, or if one said, Yes please, ate nervously which did no good.
Cannan, May, and Bevil Quiller-Couch. The Tears of War. Fyfe, CharlotteEditor , Cavalier Books, 2000.


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