Women's Liberation Movement


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politics Judith Kazantzis
JK joined the women's movement as soon as she read about it, and was active in London during the 1970s as a member of the first Women's Liberation Workshop , the Labour Party , and...


7 September 1968
Feminist protesters disrupted the Miss America contest at Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA.
A Revolutionary Festival at the University of Essex resulted in the setting up all over Britain of Women's Liberation Groups or Workshops; London alone had five.
During this decade 117 towns and cities in Britain had at least one Women's Liberation Movement group; many major centres had several.
27 February 1970
Women's Liberation member Marilyn Webb founded the women's newspaperoff our backs.
A Maoist group based in Hertfordshire began publishing the Women's Liberation Union Newsletter.
Karen Kollias , Liz O'Sullivan , and six other affiliates of the Washington, DC, Women's Liberation organization founded the DC Rape Crisis Center , which included a phone line providing callers with counselling and medical information.
Women's Struggle, a bulletin of the Women's National Co-ordinating Committee , ended publication from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.
The Feminist Archive was formed to preserve documents of Women's Liberation in Britain; founded at Shepton Mallet in Somerset, it later divided its material between two sites, Bristol and Bradford.
August 1980
The Red Rag, produced by a Marxist collective of the Women's Liberation Movement in London, ended publication.