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Occupation Mildred Cable
MC and Evangeline and Francesca French rented a flat in Hampstead, to help their missionary work for organisations including the British and Foreign Bible Society , the China Inland Mission , and the Salvation Army .
Platt, William James. Three Women. Hodder & Stoughton, 1964.
Occupation Mary Howitt
At home she was already active in local affairs. She attended the inaugural meeting of the UttoxeterBritish and Foreign Bible Society in 1815 (whose parent society dated from 1804).
Dunicliff, Joy. Mary Howitt: Another Lost Victorian Writer. Excalibur Press of London, 1992.
politics Hannah Kilham
This year, too, she was active in helping to found a branch of the Society for Bettering the Conditions of the Poor in Sheffield. In the desperate poverty of 1812, the society imported sixty...
Textual Production Mildred Cable
Why not for the World?: The Story of the Work of God through the Bible Society, MC 's last publication, appeared through the British and Foreign Bible Society . It was again co-written with Francesca French .
British Library Catalogue.,
Textual Production Mildred Cable
With her ever-present collaborator Francesca French , MC also wrote books that were used by the Bible Society as instructional handbooks for new missionaries, including Ambassadors for Christ, 1935, and Towards Spiritual Maturity...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Eleanor Tatlock
Her preface says she is not altogether unknown to the religious Public
Tatlock, Eleanor. Poems. S. Burton, 1811.
because of her periodical publications. The longest poem in the collection, Thoughts in Solitude is an ambitious undertaking, though ET expresses conventional...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Eliza Lynn Linton
She dealt with books on such topics as biography, nursing and health issues, slavery, marriage, and North America.
The Athenaeum Index of Reviews and Reviewers: 1830-1870.,
Among titles she probably covered were Florence Nightingale 's Notes on Nursing, George Browne 's The...
Travel Mildred Cable
MC and Evangeline and Francesca French were sent on a tour of Australia, New Zealand, and India by the British and Foreign Bible Society .
Platt, William James. Three Women. Hodder & Stoughton, 1964.
196-7, 201
Wealth and Poverty Hannah More
HM left more than one-third of her estate—over £10,000—to charity. She left money locally (to pensioners, and the poor, and Female Clubs), and to institutions (both nationally and to Bristol branches) like the Anti-Slavery Society
Wealth and Poverty Mildred Cable
When Topsy died in 1998, the remainder of the estate went to the Salvation Army and the British and Foreign Bible Society .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.,
under Evangeline French


7 March 1804
The Bible Society (also known as the British and Foreign Bible Society ) was founded by Evangelicals to spread the scriptures; it became the cornerstone society of the Evangelical movement.
The committee of the Bible Society formally declared its deep gratitude for the efforts of its female auxiliaries: these numbered 350 branches with 10,000 members annually raising tens of thousands of pounds.
The outstanding business woman Eleanor Coade died, leaving a substantial self-made fortune to charities (including the British and Foreign Bible Society ) and to individuals, two-thirds of them women.
Members of the female auxiliary were allowed to attend Bible Society public meetings.
By November 1862
After The Bible in Spain (detailing his work there for the British and Foreign Bible Society ), Lavengro, 1851, and The Romany Rye, 1857, the remarkable, self-taught George Borrow published Wild Wales...
Ellen Ranyard 's Bible and Domestic Female Mission provided employment for 234 poor women in London.


Cable, Mildred, and Francesca French. Why not for the World?. British and Foreign Bible Society, 1952.