Women's Industrial Council


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Occupation Eleanor Rathbone
Rathbone and Macadam collaborated on many social and political projects, most with feminist aims. They began by stabilising the Settlement's budget and community programmes. The two then served on the founding committee of the School of Social Studies and Training for Social Work
politics Clementina Black
CB participated in work that helped to produce the founding of the Women's Industrial Council , formerly the Women's Trade Union Association.
Glage, Liselotte. Clementina Black: A Study in Social History and Literature. Carl Winter, 1981.
politics Clementina Black
CB resigned as president of the Women's Industrial Council to protest the executive committee's refusal to endorse unequivocally the establishment of wage boards.
Banks, Olive. The Biographical Dictionary of British Feminists. New York University Press, 1985.
politics Eleanor Rathbone
Her friend and biographer Mary Stocks observes that [i]n due course, she became its leading spirit,
Stocks, Mary. Eleanor Rathbone: A Biography. Gollancz, 1949.
particularly as a public speaker and administrator. She also joined the Women's Industrial Council and the National Executive...
Textual Production Clementina Black
As a member of the Women's Industrial Council and the Women's Labour League , CB advocated trade unionism, consumer action, more factory legislation, and the establishment of a minimum wage. She lectured and wrote extensively...


26 November 1894
The Women's Industrial Council was formed in London (with Richard Haldane as President) from the earlier Women's Trade Union Association .
October 1895
The Women's Industrial News began quarterly publication from the Women's Industrial Council in London.
Life in the Shop, a series of articles based on Margaret Bondfield 's survey of shop assistants' working conditions, was published in the Daily Chronicle.
February 1899
19 May 1906
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman , newly-elected Prime Minister, received a deputation of suffragists.
The Women's Industrial Council opened a nursery training school at Hackney.
April 1919
The Women's Industrial News, the quarterly organ of the Women's Industrial Council , ceased publication in London.