Foundling Hospital, London


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politics Elizabeth Cellier
The king promised EC , she said, what she had asked for in print: a Corporation of Midwives and a Cradle Hospital .
Cellier, Elizabeth. A Scheme for a Corporation of Midwives. 1687.
Textual Features Frances Brooke
Mary Singleton, supposed author of this paper, with its trenchant comments on society and politics, is an unmarried woman on the verge of fifty,
McMullen, Lorraine. An Odd Attempt in a Woman: The Literary Life of Frances Brooke. University of British Columbia Press, 1983.
good-humoured as well as sharply intelligent: a contribution to the...


The Hôtel Dieu in Paris was given letters patent to operate as a sanctuary for abandoned babies; it also operated as a centre for training nurses, run by nuns.
14 August 1737
George II signed the Charter for the proposed Foundling Hospital in London.
25 March 1741
The Foundling Hospital achieved in London by Thomas Coram and others opened its doors.
The first number appeared of The Foundling Hospital for Wit, an anthology, it claimed, of Brats of Wit and Humour—that is, poems
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discarded by authors embarrassed to own them.
2 June 1756
The LondonFoundling Hospital was granted £10,000 on the condition of maintaining an open admissions policy.


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