Anti-Suffrage Society


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Performance of text Evelyn Glover
The Actresses' Franchise League produced Mrs. Appleyard's Awakening, a one-act play by EG in which an Anti-Suffrage Society campaigner accidentally converts her canvassee to the suffrage cause.
EG uses both Miss Appleyard and Mrs...
politics Flora Annie Steel
FAS , as President of the Women Writers' Suffrage League , spoke at the Criterion Restaurant in London debate about the suffrage, against Mary Augusta Ward , who was speaking for the Anti-Suffrage Society .
Powell, Violet. Flora Annie Steel: Novelist of India. Heinemann, 1981.
Textual Features Evelyn Glover
As the play opens, Miss Appleyard believes that she sympathises with the anti cause and casually dismisses the dreadful Suffragists
Glover, Evelyn. “Miss Appleyard’s Awakening”. How the Vote Was Won: and Other Suffragette Plays, edited by Dale Spender and Carole Hayman, Methuen, 1985, pp. 115 - 24.
and their desire to involve themselves in politics. But a visit from Mrs Crabtree...


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